Registration Forms

Certain courses require that you fill out additional forms once you have registered. Please fill out and print any forms you need from the list below.

How to use these forms

Except for the Studio Art registration form, the links on this page are to PDF files. With most web browsers, you'll see the form on your screen when you click. With some browsers, you may have to save the file to your computer and then open it. The Studio Art form is a web form you will complete on-line and it will be submitted to the Art office when you click submit.

Studio Art registration form

You can fill the Studio Art registration form out on the screen, and then print them out and deliver them to the specified office. Some forms require obtaining various signatures first. If you want to keep a copy for yourself, print two or save the file after you have filled it out. You can also just print the forms and fill them out by hand, but that's not so tidy.

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