Creating your Preferred Sections via Search & Register for Sections

Search and Register for Sections

If you do not know the synonym numbers of the courses you wish to register for, click on Search and Register for Sections on the Register for Courses screen. You will be brought to this screen:

Search and Register screen on The Hub

This screen gives you access to real time class offering information. You need only enter the information you wish to search by, but you must enter a term in the top box and at least one other selection criterion. Try to limit your search as much as possible. Searching for large lists of classes will be counterproductive. Note that you can search by course level, but be sure to review all options in the course level drop down box before making your selection:  for example, selecting 100-level will not pull up labs numbered in the 100s because labs have their own course levels.

Hint: We recommend that you enter the search parameters for all of the courses you wish to register for. When you click on submit, all of the courses that fulfill your selection criteria, up to 99 sections (including mandatory co-requisites that you forgot to select), will be listed in alphabetical order by subject.

Once you've entered your search parameters, click Submit.

Search Results screen on The Hub

If you wish to narrow your search, check the “Narrow My Search” box and click Submit. The Search and Registrar for Sections screen will reappear. Indicate additional criteria by which you wish to narrow your search and click Submit.

You can also re-sort your selection results by choosing one of the sort criteria in the “Re-sort My Results” pull-down box.

Click on the boxes to the left of the courses you wish to select. For any variable credit course, enter the correct credit in the credits box. Click Submit and your “Preferred Sections” screen will appear.