Contacts for Non-Carleton Events

Carleton facilities are available for rental only during non‑academic times of the year, i.e. Winter and Spring Breaks and the summer months. All usage is subject to availability. Facilities may be rented for events such as meetings, celebrations, receptions, and performances. (Please note that this does not include weddings or wedding receptions. For information specific to weddings, please click the link below.)

Below is a list of fees


Carleton Community Members* Non-Profit Organizations All Others
Great Hall $800 $800 $1000
Great Space $800 $800 $1000
Weitz Commons $800 $800 $1000
Chapel $800 $800 $1000
Concert Hall $800 $800 $1000
Weitz Larson 236 & Alumni Guest House $200/Half Day $200/Half Day $300/Half Day
Weitz Center, Sayles-Hill & Other Meeting Rooms $25 per hour $25 per hour $25 per hour

For information regarding campus locations not listed, as well as presentation equipment rental fees, policies, insurance requirements and other general event planning questions, please contact Noel Ponder, 507-222-7185.

*Community Members are defined as: Current Faculty/Staff, Emeritus Faculty or Alumni. 

  • Wedding information
  • Large scale summer events
  • Events involving alcohol

    Bon Appétit Management Company (Carleton’s food service provider) is a caterer licensed to serve alcohol. They can cater both food and alcoholic beverages for an event. If Bon Appétit is hired to provide food at an event and alcoholic beverages will be served at the event, Bon Appétit must provide the alcoholic beverages. If Bon Appétit is not hired to provide food at an event, the event planner must use a caterer licensed to serve alcohol in the state of Minnesota and provide proof of the caterer’s dram shop liability insurance. Alcoholic beverages must be confined to the reception room. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • All other non-Carleton events, please contact Noel Ponder, 507-222-7185 for more information.