Daily Crime / Fire Log


The purpose of the Daily Crime and Fire Log is to record criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents reported to have occurred within the patrol jurisdiction of Security Services.  Also included is the report of any fire that occurs in an on campus student housing facility.

The Daily Crime and Fire Log will include the Security Services Case File Number, the nature/classification of the crime or fire, the location of the occurrence, the date and time the occurrence is reported to Security Services, the date and time of the occurrence, and the disposition of the complaint, if known.

In accordance with Federal Law, Security Services may temporarily withhold information if there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of information would:  jeopardize an ongoing investigation; jeopardize the safety of an individual; cause a suspect to flee or evade detection; or result in the destruction of evidence.

The Daily Crime and Fire Log is updated within two business days of an occurrence and is available upon request at the Security Services office (Hoppin House 420 E. First Street) during normal business hours.  An electronic copy of the daily Crime and Fire Log is available upon written request of the Director of Security Services.