Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Tips



When leaving your room, even for a few minutes, lock the doors and windows.

Register your bicycle with Security Services and keep it locked to a bicycle rack when not in use.  Simply locking your bike to itself will not prevent it from being stolen.  Recommended locks include Kryptonite, Citadel, or other similar devices.  Stop by the Security office, Hoppin House, 420 E. First Street, for more information on registering your bicycle and our bicycle lock purchase program.

Utilize the Operation Identification program offered by the Security Services department.  Record serial numbers, brand names, and descriptions of all your valuable items.

Never leave valuable items such as purses or wallets laying out in the open in your room or vehicle while you are away.

Mark your clothing in a place other than the label with a laundry pencil or needle and thread.  Don’t leave your clothing unattended in the laundry room.

Do not leave notes on your door announcing that no one is home.

Do not leave expensive items (computers, stereos, jewelry, etc.) in your room over break periods.  Secure valuable items in designated storage areas or take them home.

When you are at work, never leave your purse, wallet, or other valuables in plain view on a desk or counter.  Lock your valuables in your desk or closet.

Make certain that you have not left any valuables in your coat or backpack when you leave them on a coat rack.

When entering or leaving academic buildings after hours, be sure that exterior doors are locked behind you.  If you are unable to secure a door, call Security Services.



Utilize Security Services for on campus walking escorts.

Know the locations and utilize the outdoor emergency telephones located on campus. Each emergency telephone is contained within a red colored metal enclosure affixed to a security light pole.  Use these telephones to request emergency assistance or a safe escort.

Be suspicious of individuals loitering or checking doors in your residence hall. Note their description and call Security Services immediately.

College policy prohibits soliciting in the residence halls.  Never allow door-to-door salesmen to enter your room.  Report solicitors to Security Services immediately.

Lock doors and windows when you are sleeping in or are away from your room.

Walk with a friend if possible, particularly at night.

Plan to use the safest and most direct route.  Choose well-lit streets and sidewalks at night.  Avoid areas containing overgrown shrubbery or other places of concealment.

If you are being followed by someone on foot: turn around to let the person know you see him or her.  Immediately cross the street and walk or run toward a more populated area.  Call Security Services or get someone else to call for you.

If you are being followed by someone in a car, run or walk quickly in the opposite direction.  Try to obtain the license plate number and a description of the car and occupants.  Notify Security Services as soon as possible.

Know the locations of College-owned, off-campus houses.  Use them as safe havens if you are being followed or harassed.

In cases involving verbal harassment, do not respond; ignore the harassment and walk away.  Report the incident to Security Services.

If there is a stranger at your door, never indicate that you are alone.  Require identification and authorization from “repairmen” requesting to enter your room to service/repair telephones, appliances, etc.

If someone wants to use your telephone, offer to make the call yourself while the person waits outside.

If you receive threatening or harassing phone calls, do not say anything-hang up immediately.  If the calls continue, keep a record of the date, time, and content of each call.  Report the matter to Security Services.

Exercise caution when inviting a new acquaintance into your room or if you are invited into his or her home/room.