Welcome to Financial Aid

Student Financial Services will be closed Friday May 19th starting at noon so that we can begin the move to our new location in Scoville.  We will also be closed all day Monday May 22nd as we finish moving.  We expect to be operational again on Tuesday May 23rd. 

Carleton's tradition of extending educational opportunities to academically qualified students and meeting their financial need is based on a deep commitment to the belief that a true liberal arts education exposes students to varying backgrounds and points of view outside, as well as inside, the classroom. For this reason, and the more pragmatic one that many parents cannot afford the cost of education today, Carleton encourages high school students to apply for admission without regard to their financial circumstances. The basic philosophy underlying the student financial aid program at Carleton is that families have the primary responsibility to finance their children's education to the extent that they are able. When a family cannot afford our costs, Carleton is committed to meeting a student's need with various types of aid for all those admitted, for all four years.

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Student Financial Services is moving!

Student Financial Services is moving to a new location.  Find out more.