Tips for Completing the Application Process

  • Students must reapply for financial aid each school year.
  • To view the current status of your financial aid application documents, visit the Hub and look under Students > Financial Information.
  • Complete the parent and student federal income tax forms before filing the FAFSA and CSS/Profile applications.
  • Submit the federal tax forms electronically to the IRS if at all possible.
  • Estimated tax data will delay the processing of your financial aid award.
  • The College Board will contact you about submitting tax data to them on behalf of Carleton. Do not send tax data to them until you are contacted.
  • Keep a copy of federal income tax forms, W-2’s, and schedules, to submit to The College Board. If you are not required to file taxes, complete Carleton's Non-Filer Statement and include in your packet to College Board.
  • Use the same information on both the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications. Complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications at the same time, using actual information from your 2017 federal income tax forms. Carefully read instructions that reference specific lines on your income tax form.
  • If your federal tax returns have already been submitted to the IRS when you are completing the FAFSA, please agree to the IRS data retrieval when prompted to automatically fill in tax information. This will help to avoid additional information requests to complete the federal financial aid applications process.
  • There are two priority deadline dates for submitting your financial aid application materials.  If all your documents are completed by the first round priority deadline of January 6, 2019, your financial aid award will be available by the end of February.  If all your documents are completed by the second priority deadline of March 30, 2019, your financial aid award will be available by the end of May.  If all your documents are completed after the second priority deadline, then your financial aid award will be available on a rolling basis.
  • File the FAFSA and the CSS Profile applications via the World Wide Web if you can. Your information will be returned to us quickly and efficiently.
  • Use a valid credit card for the processing fee when filing the CSS Profile.
  • Carleton’s school code for the FAFSA is 002340, and for the CSS Profile is 6081.
  • Carefully review information on the Student Aid Report (SAR shows FAFSA data) for accuracy. If corrections are needed, follow instructions carefully.
  • Retain the Acknowledgement Letter you will receive from the College Board telling you your CSS Profile application has been processed, and retain the Student Aid Report with your FAFSA data, check it for accuracy.
  • Keep copies of all relevant documents in a convenient and secure place.
  • Carefully read all correspondence regarding your application for financial aid.
  • Respond to any requests for further information from Carleton promptly.

Websites with Additional Information

 U.S. Department of Education

 College Board

 Minnesota Office of Higher Education