Fritch Scholarships: Making Carleton Accessible to Middle Income Families

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Fritch Scholarships, $10,000 per year grants for a total of $40,000 while attending Carleton, are specifically designated for middle-income students from a U.S. city or metropolitan area of less than 200,000 people. Five scholarships are awarded each school year on a competitive basis, and are renewable for three additional years beyond the student’s first year at Carleton. 

In conjunction with Carleton’s strong financial aid program and commitment to meeting 100 percent of need, Fritch Scholarships encourage and support students who would otherwise not consider or be able to afford a Carleton education. All interested and qualified students should apply for admission and this scholarship by the stated deadline dates. 

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To be considered for the Fritch Scholarship, the applicant must:

1) Submit the one-page online application by February 15, 2017.

2) Be admitted for admission and enroll at Carleton.

  • 3) Be from a U.S. city or metropolitan area of less than 200,000 people.
  • 4) Qualify for need-based financial aid.

Applications for Fritch Scholarships will be considered in late March and early April. Finalists and alternates will be announced before April 15. The Admissions Committee will review applications. Recommendations of the recipients will be made to and approved by the Dean of Admissions. If appropriate, alternates will be named as finalists by May 1.

Five scholarships will be awarded in each incoming class. Each award will be for $10,000 per year. The scholarship will continue for three subsequent years assuming the scholarship recipient is making satisfactory academic progress, for a total award over the four years of $40,000.  Each scholarship will have three components, as follows:

  • $4,500 used to meet the student’s need; 
  • $4,500 used to replace any loan awarded or used toward the family contribution and pay any balance owed;
  • $1,000 used to buy books and supplies and other miscellaneous charges.

Any remaining need will be met with additional Carleton grants and scholarship aid so that 100 percent of an admitted student’s need is met.

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Herb Fritch, president and founder of health-care insurer HealthSpring, is a part owner of the NHL’s Nashville Predators. He was born and raised in Duluth, Minn. His wife, Barbara Fritch, a native of Yorkshire, England, is a retired financial planner. Herb and Barbara established the Fritch Scholars program at Carleton to affirm the couple’s deep appreciation for the role education plays in an individual’s life.