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Blind Date

October 4, 2007 at 1:24 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

KRLX's much anticipated "Blind Date" show hit the airwaves last Sunday.

In the words of the show's host, Lindsey Shaughnessy ’09, it was “almost as painful and prolonged as a real life blind date."

Following in the spontaneous, quirky, and popular steps of “Carleton’s Biggest Nerd”, the show was an instant hit.

Every week, an eligible bachelor (or bachelorette, in this case) goes on air along with three potential suitors. This week’s bachelorette was Bessie Schwarz, a senior Philosophy major and ENTS concentrator. She’s your typical, endearing Carleton gal who dominates the rugby fields and is quite fond of “Jewish stuff.”

The three bachelors on the show took nicknames so Bessie wouldn’t be influenced by their identities. These were Dwight, Squirtle, and Force-Field. As the DJ posed a slew of questions to each of the contestants, there was a definite tension in the KRLX studio. The guys awkwardly bumbled over their answers. Really, it was almost cute.

One such question the DJ asked them was, what would you do with the extra $30,000 the student Senate magically discovered in its budget last year?

After long deliberation, Squirtle decided he would either take a vote to let the students decide, or spend it all on the environment, the rugby team, or the Jewish students. Slick, Squirtle, slick.

Dwight would invest the money until there was enough to make an “enormous taco.” Then, he would “fly that taco over to Africa.” He chose as his target nation Namibia, which earned him stellar points because Bessie’s been to Namibia.

Force-field would “bribe senators to stop making stupid laws,” such as the one that prohibits swear words from being used on KRLX.

Do any of these fine gents sound interesting to you? You can vote for them on the KRLX website. The winner will go on a date with Bessie this weekend at an oh-so-classy Northfield establishment. The two lucky-in-lovers will dish about the awkward (charming?) details at 8:30 p.m. next Sunday.


  • Could he be the one?
    Could he be the one?

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