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Ten things I Wish I Had Known as a Freshman

December 8, 2005 at 1:17 pm
By Tim Blaha
  1. In many classes, you can bomb a midterm and still get a good grade. So study hard, but don’t worry too much if you are not up to snuff right away.
  2. Success is better measured in the absolute than in relative terms. Just do your best.
  3. Visit the Career Center in your first year. It is good place to find valuable summer job experiences and a career for when you leave Carleton, I believe they also have grad school info.
  4. Kill two distros with one stone. For example, if you are not inclined towards humanities courses, take a humanities course that offers a RAD.
  5. To whom much is given, much is expected. Volunteer often.
  6. Do not let college get in the way of your education. There are a lot of campus events, speakers, etc. that may add more to your intellectual capital than some of your coursework.
  7. If you know what your major will be as an incoming freshman—it will probably change—if it doesn’t, lucky you. However, you should avoid taking classes in your major your first term at Carleton. It may take some time to adjust to academics at Carleton.
  8. Most intelligent women are also independent.
  9. If you can’t count on good weather at Spring Concert, you can always count on the Beer Olympics that same weekend. Rain or shine, the Beer Olympics are on.
  10. Time flies. Enjoy it. Always be aware of how lucky you are.

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