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International Festival

May 15, 2007 at 2:36 pm

Student performances and tasty treats from around the world made their appearance at last week's International Festival.

International Festival is an event put on by the Office of Intercultural Life to support the Center for Children's Happiness in Phnomh Pehn, Cambodia. The Center for Children's Happiness is an orphanage that takes care of 115 children, giving them educational and vocational training. Visitors to the festival were encouraged to make donations to the Center at the donation box.

There were over a dozen student performances during the two hours of the festival. The Korean Students' Association started off with a rousing performance on the drums. The other perfomances included everything from foreign-language rap and romantic songs, to dancing, to the playing of instruments.

The international food was highly popular. While it was served on the Sayles balcony, the line extended all the way around the balcony, down the stairs, and across lower Sayles as well. A recipe book containing all the student-contributed recipes was also for sale.

At tables in the back students could participate in a variety of international activities, such as origami and henna painting. Student calligraphers could write people's names in any of many different kinds of script, from Cyrillic to Sanskrit. The International Relations Council (this is the student group that did the Eyes on Africa and the Model UN this year) also had a table with information and a sign-up sheet.