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Middle East Mosaics in Northfield

May 13, 2008 at 3:17 pm
By Dan Kagan-Kans

Last winter term thirty Carls traveled to the Middle East. Accompanied by President and Mrs Oden, Professors Dana (French) and Steve (Economics) Strand, and trip assistant Brennan Taylor '07, studied in Cairo, Istanbul and Rabat, Morocco. The trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and this spring the alumni have been sharing their experiences with the rest of campus.

Last Thursday some kids took advantage of the Strands' ample kitchen to make homemade falafel to be sold in Sayles the next day. The falafel was delicious and sold out in record time (before this reporter could procure one). The proceeds will be used to buy craft materials for a girls’ school in Egypt.

Also Thursday was the "Va-Gender Monologues." A presentation on "student perspectives on gender in the Middle East" by a group of Mosaics students, the Monologues drew an audience of well over fifty to the Library Athaneum. Even more remarkable: they had originally thrown together the based-on-personal-experiences project in a day.

To read a trip blog, click here.

Brennan and a few students put together a highlight video for DVDFest. View it here.

Watch the Va-Gender Monologues here.

Some photos from Egypt are here.

Learn how to make falafel.