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Moans and Meditations: The Vagina Monologues

February 23, 2009 at 1:36 pm
By Claire Weinberg '12

The monologues were not, as it might seem, all about vaginas, but were rather loosely anchored by that theme, and dealt with issues like relationships, rape, self-discovery, and even pubic hair (Rachel Simon '11 performed a monologue about a woman's futile attempt to keep her husband from cheating by shaving her pubic hair, which ended with the proclamation that in order to really love a vagina, you have to love hair).

The tone ranged from hilarious to angry to depressing to moving, sometimes all in the same speech. Two of the most moving monologues were "The Flood," performed by Caitlin Unumb '11, about an elderly woman who has never had an orgasm, and "My Vagina Was My Village," about the brutal rape of Bosnian women, performed with startling intensity by Molly Nichols '11. On the funny side of the equation, there was "The Moaner," which had the audience laughing uncontrollably as Jaclyn Bovee '12 demonstrated all the varieties of female sexual moans, including the difference between the "Carleton moan" and the "Ole moan." (Hint: one involves a fight song, and the other involves a certain Madonna-related midnight tradition.)

At the end of the play, the Accidentals came onstage to sing a meditative song about feminism and common humanity. On the day before Valentine's Day, the performance inspired students to think about their concepts of love and womanhood, and to contemplate how they affect our own lives.