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What is this mysterious thing?

February 17, 2009 at 4:07 pm
By Collin Hazlett '12

It appeared on the Bald Spot today.

No explanation, no inscription, nothing.  It's a giant scale, balancing a wooden crate with a Plexiglass crate.  Both crates contain a few rocks.  It is an environmentalist symbol of ecological balance?  It is the beginnings of a giant trebuchet which will one day destroy Sayles?  The answer to these questions is by no means clear.

Earlier today a group of students could be spotted standing in a circle around it and gesturing at it.  Were they the masterminds behind its creation?  Were they confused spectators investigating the mystery?  Were they its worshippers, humbly presenting it with offerings of sticks and rocks?  The answer to these questions is equally murky.

More news here as it surfaces.

Update: A large box, enigmatically labeled "Stuff to Weigh," and full of objects like rocks, pieces of driftwood, and kitchen faucets, has appeared under the scale.  This lends credence to the idea that the scale is used for weighing things.  Who would have thought?