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Burmese Astrology

February 18, 2009 at 2:31 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

Valentine’s Day can be a grumpy-inducing holiday, especially if you don’t have a date for the evening.  Fortunately, Doh Burma was there last week to come to the rescue!  They used the powers of Burmese astrology to match people up for a Burmese-themed evening.

Members of Doh Burma tabled in Sayles the week leading up to Valentine’s, so students could sign up with their name and birthdate for the matchup.  Burmese astrology has eight zodiac signs instead of twelve, determined by the day of the week one is born on (Wednesday is split up into morning and afternoon).  The eight signs are the Garuda (mythical bird), tiger, lion, elephant with tusks, no-tusked elephant, rat, guinea pig, and dragon, and each sign is supposed to govern a person’s basic personality.  Doh Burma used these signs to match people who should be compatible with each other.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of the Burmese culture,” says Thet Win ’12.

The couples had dinner together at the LDC on Valentine’s, then an evening of conversation and Burmese snacks at Hunt Cottage.  Though Thet doesn’t recall any Carls winding up together by this matchmaking method (this is the first year they’re doing it), in Burma, he says, “People usually find that it works.”