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Lenny Dee Goes There

March 2, 2009 at 2:13 pm
By Claire Weinberg '12

The humor ranged from the juvenile yet still funny (a college student pronouncing "Deus Ex Machina" as "Deu Sex Machina", and extrapolating its meaning from there) to the bizarre (a man being arrested for serving "fun-due" in a futuristic totalitarian state) to the satiric (a reading of part of the Twilight movie script, with no alterations – it's ridiculous enough – ending on a crude sight gag) to the just plain silly (when you die in the ocean, William Howard Taft gives you a ride in his magical bathtub and introduces you to his underwater friends).

Particularly notable were Chase Kimball '10 as the "Bad-Ass Grouter" ("Bad Asker-Outer", pronounced quickly and misheard by one of the characters in the sketch) and John-Michael McGrath '12 as Wolfandy, a particularly lupine high school student who gets voted prom king, among other things. Jameson Siegert '11 was also a standout in an extremely lewd sketch about "Nordic male enhancement" that probably got the biggest laugh all night. The crowd was very involved, occasionally shouting advice to the characters or putting in their two cents about what was going on in the sketch. This plus the absurd and eclectic sketch topics made for a very high-energy evening.