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Best of the NNB, Winter 2009 Edition

March 11, 2009 at 2:44 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

Today, the NNB went into hibernation for the duration of spring term.  You know what that means.  Time for the termannual showcasing of the NNB’s weirdest ads.

Winter term marked the start of comps season, and the bulletin was chock full of presentations with intriguing or just plain mystifying titles, both comps-related and not:

BIO COMPS Talk: Abbey Barnard. "Epithelial-mescenchymal interactions in thymic development: A starting point for clinical thymic regeneration." Hulings 120, 10:00am
BIO COMPS Talk: Alaa El-Bashir-"How do environmental signals such as photoperiod impact the HPG axis and how is this axis regulated in female Siberian hamsters?" 1:00pm, Hulings 120
MATH CANDIDATE Joseph Mileti presents "Determining If A Polynomial Equation Has A Solution: How Hard Could It Be?" CMC 206, 4pm
LINGUISTICS CANDIDATE talk: Cati Fortin, "Verb Phrase Ellipsis in Indonesian? Yes, we can." 4:30pm, Goodsell 03. Snacks and reception to follow.
INTERESTED IN Esperanto, Klingon, or language in general? Arika Okrent '92 speaks about her book "In the Land of Invented Languages." 4:30, LDC 104

The useless facts and opinions continued to be head-scratchers:

USELESS FACT: The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
USELESS FACT: One person yelling for eight years, seven months, and six days would produce enough sound to heat one cup of coffee.
UNLESS OPINION: Midterm should never plural.
USELESS FACT: In 2007, campus cat Toff received 156 votes for Senate - about a quarter as many as it took to win that year.
USELESS OPINION: Today is a good day.
USELESS FACT: The Incas measured time by how long it took a potato to cook.
USELESS OPINION: I've had enough snow for now, thanks.

Students are looking for/ providing the oddest things:

WANTED: A mandolin! Do you have one to sell? Hey, it's worth a shot. Let's talk. bloomn
VERY BADLY need a G harmonica for geology midterm break trip. I will treat it with respect. Thanks. jacobsow
FREE HANGERS! I have way more plastic hangers than any reasonable person should. Want some? allenw
SHERLOCK BUBBLER! Accidentally bought two. Brand new, not used. Medium size, tough, color-changing. $60. uenishig
PERSONAL ASSISTANT to help with wardrobe for Saturday night. Must be good looking. Contact velazque.
RATATOUILLE DVD, $10. DVD player, $5. Imitation meat bits, free. flynne
A 16" Notorious B.I.G. ice necklace. Willing to bake some brownies in exchange. Contact kleinji.
5'9"ISH MALE, dark hair. Play corpse in "House of 7 Gables." No lines, 1 arts/lit credit. 6th weekend, 7th-8th weeks/weekends. conradsl

No lines?  You’re kidding me.


Lost & Found:

BLACK ARMANI Exchange boxer briefs found way into my laundry basket from Burton laundry room. Claim them, please. bakerj
LOST: BLACK, stretchy skirt at Carleton/Bemidji hockey game. Story is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. nishim
LOST: CHESTER. Small red stapler labeled "Please do not remove from SCIC." You weren't supposed to remove him. He is missed. Please return him.
FOUND: NO leak tape. And a flood is forecast for the first reading day. If it's yours or you need any, email selassid.
FOUND: SMALL giraffe figurine in practice room at the Concert Hall. It's now in the Instrumental Library Lost & Found.
FOUND: REAL live severed raccoon tail in my laundry in Burton laundry room. Are you missing one? hayesh
SPOON FOUND on grass between Admissions and Scoville. sofenl
PLEASE CLAIM the beer-soaked American Apparel tights you left in my room Friday night. They're still damp. morrisr
STOLEN LAUNDRY basket from Evans. I challenge you in dolphin cup or guitar hero. If you win, keep the basket. jonkers
FOUND APPLE. Red, edible, on my door frame (Myers 214). I ate it. It was great! But who gave it to me? Zhuz

Um, okay, guys…

CUJOKRA & the Harriers present "Let Freedom Ring: An Interpretive Dance and Statistical Model." Nourse Little Theater, 8pm
COME DISCUSS philosophy! This week: the role of the individual vs. society. 9pm, Dacie Moses. (Warning: may cause existential crises.) ?s lurieb
EVER BEEN blindfolded and tried to climb? Come to the Wall for a fun night of extreme and fun climbing games. 7pm
ICE CROQUET Tournament! 4pm on the Bald Spot Ice Rinks. Come for food, fun and prizes! What do we use the potatoes for? ringelj
THANK YOU! The muffin you put in my mail box was delicious. wilbera
I KNOW where Schiller is. Prove to me you're worthy of the information. magnussc
I REALLY, really, really love Rosalind Brayfield. senghorl


Those physics kids seem to be having an awfully good time over there in Olin:

PHYSICS & Astronomy Comps Talk: Ian Broderick speaks about the Physics of Night Vision. Olin 04, 3:10-4:20pm. All are welcome.
PHYSICS & Astronomy Comps Talk: Chris Amey speaks about SQUIDS. Olin 04, 3:10-4:20pm. All are welcome.
PHYSICS & Astronomy Comps Talk: Brianne Gutmann, "How Whales Use Physics to Survive in the Ocean." Olin 02, 3:30-4:40pm.
PHYSICS & Astronomy Comps Talk: William Mueller talks about the "Energetic of a Hovering Hummingbird". Olin 04, 3:10-4:20pm. All are welcome.
PHYSICS & Astronomy Comps Talk: Marlea Iiams, "The Physics of Woodwinds." Olin 04, 3:10-4:20pm. All are welcome.

Speaking of which, the chemistry students are, too…

INTERFACIAL ELECTRON Transfer at Semiconductor-Liquid Junctions: chemistry comps rumpus by Brom, Henneberry, Kiley, Mammel, Medrano, Olson, Schmitz, Selassie. Olin 149 7:30pm. All welcome.


And finally, RIP:

SWEET LOU'S Going Out of Business. T-shirts $4. Food, mugs, etc. all sold at cost. Thursday & Friday, 10 - 4 only.