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Freak Heat Wave Sweeps Minnesota

April 1, 2009 at 3:19 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

Ordinary citizens across the state woke up stunned this morning at the sizzling temperatures outside their doors.  The weather has broken all sorts of records for a day this early in April, with generally clear skies and some locations reporting highs approaching 90º.  The freak heat wave has people scrambling for their summer clothing.  It has even caused a number of traffic accidents as Minnesotans would rather gawk out of their passenger windows in wonderment rather than pay attention to the road.

Carleton College is no exception.

“It looks like we put the ice rinks away too soon,” said one freshman, who wished to remain anonymous.  “We could have used them as swimming pools.”

Carls all over campus are having to adapt to the turn of events.  Many of them are uncomfortable, because their shorts are still in storage.  Others are planning to start the Mai Fête circuit early.  Some of us ignored classes entirely, mistakenly thinking it’s graduation already.  Because the unseasonably warm weather was associated with flurries of mashed potatoes, all of us are enjoying sledding in (and eating) this buttery delight.

Al Gore has gone on record that the strange meteorological phenomenon is caused by global warming.

Joe Fabeetz ‘09, CSA president, urges us all to remain calm.  “We can cope with this.”