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What is that thing crawling out of the ground?

May 14, 2009 at 2:05 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

It seems that every spring term odd things start popping up around campus.  Like giant tables.  Now it’s happening again: one morning, a couple of weeks ago, there appeared to be a bunch of tentacles attempting to crawl out of the ground in front of the library.  Was it something from the Tunnels trying to take revenge on us all?

It turns out that this apparition (as well as the sculpture in front of Olin with the curtains) is part of Professor Mohring’s Intro to Sculpture class being taught this term.  As part of the class, students are creating their own original sculptures and leaving them around campus.  The tentacled work was the brainchild of Reid Gilman ’09.  He got his original inspiration from the shape of potato roots.  “As the sculpture evolved I thought it might be fun to make it look more like tentacles than roots and place a 'Cthulhu x-ing' sign nearby.  I was hoping to evoke the ridiculousness of the whole situation by placing that sign, but it was too windy and it wouldn't stay up.”

Even sans sign, the sculpture looked pretty cool.  Transiently, we had our very own tentacled horror on campus.  “I placed it on the Bald Spot in the hopes that other nerds might notice the Cthulhu reference and get a kick out of it.”