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Fabulous Interactive Show of Humans

October 19, 2009 at 3:05 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

Juggling FISH club has been in hibernation recently, keeping a low profile among the daunting smorgasbord of student clubs and organizations on campus.  This year’s crop of juggling FISHes has decided to end that hibernation with a bang.  Fourth week FISH put on a multi-talent talent show, the Fabulous Interactive Show of Humans, in collaboration with talented students from all over campus.

“Juggling FISH has always been a really low-key club,” says Inara Makhmudova ’11, one of the club’s co-presidents.  Their focus is on the teaching and learning of new juggling skills in a fun environment, not on performances.  But with the infusion of some new juggling talent this year, FISH had the chance to show off a little.

Viviane Clements ’12 opened with a fire-juggling act with her two sisters, who had come here to visit from Chicago.  Naturally, they had to take that act outdoors.  Fourth weekend was the weekend of the Arctic blast, so there were some technical difficulties getting the torches to ignite, but soon enough the Clementses were throwing flaming torches to each other while Inara performed the poi.

“Poi” is the Maori term for “ball” and involves the swinging of balls on cords around the juggler in intricate patterns.  For added fun, the balls can also be on fire.  Contrary to popular belief, juggling is not all about throwing balls into the air and then catching them – though the juggling FISHes do plenty of that, too.  At club meetings, they study techniques ranging from traditional balls to poi, diabolo, plate spinning, and devil sticks.

After the flame act, we all huddled back inside the Concert Hall for the rest of the show.  Jessica Morrison ’12 recited a poem, “POW,” by Alicia Keyes, and Jamaal Magee ’10 sang a rendition of “One More Try.”  Then the Clements sisters returned to do an explosive dance, juggling, and acrobatics number with moves like three-way juggling and juggling while standing on each others’ shoulders.  It earned a standing ovation.

Then Jessica returned for a surprise encore performance.  She played a piano piece, “Dreaming On,” which she had composed herself, then beatboxed with Viviane.

Jessica says that she and Viviane discovered their beatboxing talent by accident.  “We were playing around one day, and then wow, we have this great new talent.”

Juggling FISH club is open to all skill levels.  “If you cannot do anything, you should still come,” says Inara.  “Juggling is not just about throwing things.  It’s fun.”