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Western Archery Club

November 11, 2009 at 3:13 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

We already know that Carleton is home to some pretty unusual student clubs.  We’ve got  Naginata Club, Moustache Club, Reformed Druids of North America, and so forth.  It’s long said on the Student Orgs web page that we also have a Western Archery Club, but the group has been keeping a fairly low profile on campus.

Not any longer.  Bill Brinkman ’12 and Michael Hanna ’12, this year’s co-presidents, have decided to pack Archery Club out of storage – literally.  Archery Club has a diverse set of recurve bows, arrows, and targets left over from its more active days that Bill and Michael are putting back into use.  They advertised the new Archery Club with a booth at Activities Fair at the beginning of this term and revived the mailing list.  Currently Archery Club holds meetings every Saturday afternoon.

Archers of all skill levels are welcome at the weekly practices.  Practices are held behind the Rec Center, where students can improve their technique by shooting at bull’s-eyes set against the Hill of Three Oaks.  Or, in my case, get a technique in the first place.  Brinkman shows novices like me how to hold the bow and grip the arrow properly, how to stand, and how to aim.  After a few tries, I was able to hit the target, if not the target’s center.  The practices are low-key and offer plenty of opportunity to fantasize that one is fighting in the Battle of Hastings.  Other people like to fantasize about the Battle of Hastings, right?  Guys?

If you’re interested in participating, Archery Club meetings are held every Saturday from 1pm to 2:30pm by the Hill of Three Oaks.  For more information, contact brinkmab AT or hannam AT