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Cujokra: Purgatory

November 12, 2009 at 11:13 am
By Margaret Taylor '10

Last weekend, Evans held its traditional Heaven and Hell dance, where students can choose to party in Heaven or Hell.  But wait: there’s that other place you can go, too.  That would be Purgatory, according to Dante.  Cujokra provided that third option for Carls who were not too naughty, but not too nice, either, with an improv show on Friday night.  Unlike, well, Purgatory, students didn’t mind hanging around there for a while.

Cujokra flagrantly ignored its Purgatory theme all evening.  Its skits involved anything and everything but, including changing clothes on an airplane, seduction by handkerchief, and a press conference where the two people being interviewed didn’t know they had stolen a loveseat.

Don’t you just hate it when you have to do a reading about maritime navigation for an English class?  And when you complain to the professor about it, he knocks you out, kidnaps you, and you wake up on a nuclear submarine?

The threads of the show’s skits all came together in the long-form improv.  Someone in the audience gave the prompt “elegance,” and away Cujokra went, acting out a fancy dress party put on by a couple who’d like to pretend their son is still ten years old.  Meanwhile, the caterer makes his pigs in blankets sound fancier by giving them different names, and the dog groomer is a little too dedicated to his job.  And then somebody attempts to steal the loveseat.