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Fall Dance Concert

November 17, 2009 at 11:07 am
By Margaret Taylor '10

This year, the Theater and Dance Department’s fall dance concert featured not only Semaphore, but two guest artists: Time Track Productions from the Twin Cities and our very own Ebony.

Paula Mann of Time Track Productions is guest-teaching at Carleton this term on a grant from Carleton’s Distinguished Women’s Committee.  As part of the concert, Semaphore performed “The Train Wreck is Proceeding Nicely,” choreographed by Mann and Steve Paul.  It’s an excerpt from a longer work that intends to question the McCarthyist paranoia of the 1950s.

Another of the pieces performed that evening was “Orange Episodes,” about, well … everything on the set was orange, there was birdsong and purring in the music, and two of the dancers were wearing aluminum foil.  Ebony also made an appearance, doing one of their modern dances in bright orange Spandex.

“Waked” was a powerful, spiritual piece about the mysteries of life and death, and “Orchestra in A” was about cute little worker robots!  The dancers, dressed all in black and white, bumped and whirled around the stage to part of the score from WALL-E.

Semaphore is a pre-professional dance troupe at Carleton designed for the Theater and Dance department’s most advanced dancers.  They get to show off their hard work to the rest of Carleton at productions like last weekend's concert.