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The Strangest NNB in Recent Memory

January 13, 2010 at 1:26 pm
By Claire Weinberg '12

Today's NNB was unusually bizarre. For example, this was the only thing listed under Friday the 22nd:

  SNOW PANTS rolling flying tumbling knowing eyes-closed learning antarctic exploring crunching (whispering?) snow underfoot (underbelly?) touching smelling dancing moving seeing hearing feeling living playing

 This was under "Wanted":

A DATE this weekend. C'mon guys, ask me out! owensc. 

These were under "For Sale":

     DO YOU want 18 lbs of cat food? Yes, you do. Contact garnaasj.

    FREE 2010 Georgia O'Keeffe calender. I already have a vagina, don't need yonic flowers on my wall. rossk 

And these were under Lost & Found:

    ONE EAR feeling left out of the pretty party? Found: mid-sized silver hoop earring between Goodhue and LDC. pospicha 

    LOST BLACK Nokia flip phone, james bondish, last seen possibly concert hall practice room or rec center, i want my groove back! clarkc 

James Bondish indeed.