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Announcing the Golden Schillers!

January 27, 2010 at 10:56 am
By Margaret Taylor '10

It seems that a new event is coming to Carleton campus on February 12th: The Golden Schillers.  Where did the Golden Schillers come from?  And where did DVDfest go?

In fact, the two events are one and the same.  Campus Activities, which organizes DVDfest every year, changed the name to reflect the fact that DVDfest does not, in fact, involve DVDs anymore.  Technology has advanced enough since the student film festival was founded that all film submissions are made online.

Janae Walton-Green ’10, a student employee of Campus Activities, is on the task force along with Ellen Morehouse ’10 that organizes the event.  She explains the decision-making process Campus Activities went through when changing the name.  “We brainstormed names that were more Carleton-esque” in conjunction with PEPS, then solicited the input of the campus community last fall.  “The Golden Schillers” is the name they settled on.

Though they will be making some changes to the film festival this year, nothing is going to be taken away.  “Everybody is welcome to submit,” says Janae.  It’s hard to predict how long the festival is going to run this year (it’s gone on for hours in the past).  “People keep registering,” even though the show is only two weeks away.  However, all of the films that are submitted will be screened.

Campus Activities plans on adding a couple of new prize divisions, like “Best Actor/Actress” and “Most Carleton.”  They also have plans in the works to memorialize the students’ films for posterity.  They’re working with the alumni operator of the old DVDfest site ( to set up something more permanent and integrated into the Carleton website for archiving the videos.  Campus Activities is going to set up a plaque, á la varsity sports, that will go up in the office and have the names of each division winner engraved on it each year.

The prizes this year are still TBA, but rest assured that they’ll be fun, says Janae.

Bottom line?  “It’s still a Carleton film festival.  We still want your films.  We still want you to share your creativity with the campus.”