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Farm House Art Show

March 2, 2010 at 10:36 am
By Margaret Taylor '10

Because it’s so remote, especially in the middle of winter, Farm House can seem like a mysterious place.  Are Farm House residents all Birkenstock-clad mountain men who grow their own food?  If they’re farther away from campus than Goodhue, how do they get to classes?  What do they do way over there?

As it turns out, the Farm House people are regular Carleton students who open their house up to the Carleton community for social events.  One of these events is the annual Farm House Art Show.  Farm House residents collect artwork from Carleton students (everyone is invited to participate) then proudly display it all over the inside of the house.

On the ground floor of the house, much of the walls were covered with bookshelves, handmade posters, and a chart listing complementary amino acid combinations.  The house basement, where most of the art show festivities were going to take place, was just as ebullient.  This isn’t any ordinary art show, where the images are presented in neat little rows.  Here, student art mingles with tie-dye quilts and a plaster corkscrew hanging from the ceiling.  The Farm House basement has some permanent installations as well, as just about every available surface is decorated with tempera paint.  The wall behind the set-up for the Porch Collective has little critters on it that resemble the hackeysack dolls from 9.

Students who wanted to produce their own artwork that evening could paint on a piece of butcher paper strung up on one of the basement walls.  From murals to sculpture, the evening was a celebration of Carleton students’ creativity.