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The Daily Knight

March 13, 2010 at 2:16 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10


new publication is about to join the Carleton family.

Three Carleton seniors, Jon Carter '10, Andy Rooks '10, and Dan Lindvall '10, are putting together a blog called The Daily Knight that will aggregate news and opinions from a variety of sources on campus.  They envision it as an online one-stop-shopping site for Carletonian and Carl articles, event announcements, Twitter feeds, and student editorials.

They saw a need for a site like The Daily Knight because “there are so many different sources of information out there and we’d like to aggregate it onto one site,” says Jon.  Because of its online format, the blog will be able to foster a more robust discussion through its comment pages than print publications and may feature video clips.  It will also be entirely student run and “we’re not going to edit your voice as much as in the Carletonian,” says Andy.  Jon, Andy and Dan would like to point out, however, that The Daily Knight is not intended to replace the CLAP.

What content winds up on this new blog will largely depend on Carleton students.  The organizers are encouraging students to submit articles about student events or issues that are important to them.  Any material that is not inappropriate will be published.

If you’re interested in participating, you can contact them at  Otherwise, watch for when the site goes live this spring!