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Carleton Announces Plans for New Administrative Building

April 1, 2010 at 1:56 pm
By Margaret Taylor '10

In a surprise move, Carleton President Rob Oden announced this morning plans to convert the Bald Spot into a building to house the school's growing administration.  The building addresses a critical need Carleton will face in the coming years and has been funded by a generous donation by an anonymous alumnus.  "We need a great many more assistant deans and associate deans," says Oden, "and this building could house scores of them in the years ahead."

Although it will be necessary to remove all of the trees from the Bald Spot's surroundings, Carleton aims to earn a LEED platinum certification for the new building.  One of the plans for making the building more sustainable is to dig wells and power the building with geothermal energy.

Oden is enthusiastic about the plans for this new addition to Carleton campus.  "It's as if the Bald Spot had been waiting" for this building to arrive, he says.  For more information about Carleton's new administrative building, see Oden's video announcement.