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New Residential Option on Lyman Lakes

May 26, 2010 at 10:31 am
By Margaret Taylor '10

There’s a new housing option on campus.  An anonymous student sent an e-mail to the campus last weekend announcing that Carleton Residential Life was going to make available a new double on Lyman Lakes.  The double appeared just in time for students on their way to Spring Concert to get a good look.  It came complete with all the standard-issue dorm room amenities, including two beds, desks, chairs, and a couch, all floating on a raft in the middle of the lake.  There was also a closet on the shore.  Sure, there is a chance you would get rained on, but what a spectacular view!

The student(s) responsible for this bit of guerilla installation art have said, “This splendid lakefront double comes fully furnished with a mini fridge and couch, and provides a unique opportunity to fish from bed. Concerned about the commute? Any time wasted while swimming to class is surely nullified by the time saved in not having to shower."

The installation appears to be a protest of new housing policies that allow fewer students to live off campus.  The student has added, "Here at Res Life, we know that there are quirky traditions and unique heirlooms intrinsic to off-campus living. We know that a comprehensive education is not limited merely to academic disciplines like Maths and Words, but includes more domestic skills like paying bills and cooking dinner. However, we also know that Higher Education is a business, and the money is in keeping students under our watchful eye, right here on campus. So we've done our best to fabricate new and exciting opportunities for on-campus living. Don't know how to cook? Why not learn how to swim instead? Want to live in 'the Store' and be the epicenter of Carleton's social life? Why not live on a dock, where we can ensure your safety by observing from the LDC? These are the questions we're asking in the Res Life office."