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  • Smoking
    Created 29 October 2007; Published 29 October 2007
    Burn One Down

    Carleton's smoking culture is far from visible on campus, but few of its members are shy about the habit.

  • Delicious and educational
    Published 23 May 2006
    Delicious and Educational

    Karina Hill describes this piece:
    "This video features my lovely roommate,
    Elizabeth. As an Environmental and Technology
    Studies concentrator, she is required to
    design a final project related to environmental
    studies. Because she is talented in the
    culinary arts, she decided to combine this talent
    with her passion for the environment by teaching
    three cooking classes using local and organic
    foods. Watch this video to learn more about the
    importance of place in sustainability."

  • Using the Chainsaw
    Published 6 March 2007
    Ice Carving Contest

    Over midterm break the Social Programming Board put on an ice carving contest free for all students to enter. Click here to check out the competitors hard at work, and take a look at the final product.

  • Lily Thiboutou
    Published 6 March 2007
    Gulf Coast Volunteer Speaks Out

    Over winter break, nineteen Carleton students returned to the Gulf Coast area to assist in the region's second winter since Hurricane Katrina struck. They worked for an organization called Common Ground, that helped strip houses of debris for residents who were too poor to afford it. In this interview, Lily Thiboutot '08, one of the volunteers, describes her experience.

  • Published 25 March 2007
    Cookie Eating Contest

    Watch the craziness as a Carleton student tries to win one of the Action Trivias done by Late Night Trivia. The challenge: eat a chocolate-chip cookie, disassembled. He has to finish the flour, sugar, chocolate chips, salt, butter, and a raw egg in as little time as possible.

  • Published 8 May 2007
    Jamnesty Clip

    The 3rd Goodhue Band is rocking out to "Flagpole Sitta" at Jamnesty, the annual benefit concert at the Cave. Proceeds go to support Amnesty International.

  • One-Card
    Published 12 October 2007
    OneCard Zombie

    Ever wondered what life was like before OneCard? This informational video from the PEPS department gives us the shocking details.

  • Published 22 January 2008
    Bundling Up 101

    A short demonstration of bundling up for winter.

  • Published 26 April 2008

    Laura Stratford '09 plays all the roles in this dance interpretation of a Sanskrit fairy tale.

  • Published 13 March 2009
    Midwinter Ball

    It might seem like it happened ages ago, but what's wrong with reliving the glory of Midwinter Ball?  The theme of the ball this year was "Storybook," interpreted loosely.  Check out the moves on these students as they get down to swing in the Tea Room, traditional ballroom dancing in the Great Hall, and modern music in Great Space.  Smart suits, swirly skirts, and happy students galore, as well as a polka.

  • March to the Rueb
    Published 9 March 2010
    March to the Rueb

    It’s a Carleton tradition, 100 days before graduation, for the entire senior class to gather in Sayles en masse, march through campus and down Division Street, and then storm the Rueb ‘n’ Stein.  By now the Rueb sees this coming and offers $1 beer specials to the seniors.  On March 5, 2010, the seniors did it again, hampering traffic on Division and generally seeming like a spectacle to the townies

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