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Mulberry Filters II

How to set up an E-mail Filter (also known as a rule) in Mulberry

1.) Click on the Mailboxes menu, and select “Rules…”

Mulberry filters 1

2.) Click on the “Rules” button.

Mulberry Filter 2

3.) Give your rule a name, such as “FredBlock.”

Mulberry Filter 3

4.) Set up your parameters under “Find messages whose,” such as “From Address” “Contains” “Fred”. See picture below for example.

Mulberry Filter 4

5.) Set up your actions (what do you want Mulberry to do to these messages? Mark them as seen? Put them in the trash?) An example would be “Set Flag” “Deleted.” See picture below for example.

Mulberry Filter 5

6.) You can set up more than one parameter, and more than one action. To do this, click on the More Choices button. If you wanted, you do something to messages from someone that also had a certain word in the subject line. If a message came from that person without that word in the subject line, nothing would be done to it. See picture below for an example of a rule that takes all mail from Joshua that has the subject line “Pictures” and puts it in a folder called “Josh’s Pictures.”

Mulberry Filter 6

7.) You can also use Rules to highlight mail from important people. For example, if you wanted to alert yourself every time an e-mail from the Helpdesk came in, you could set up a rule as pictured below.

Mulberry Filter 7

8.) Click OK to get out of the Edit Rule window and go back to the Rules window. Now you need to make sure your Rules are active, by creating Triggers, and then linking your Rules to your Triggers. Click the Trigger button to go to the Edit Rule Trigger window.

Mulberry Filter 8

9.) Click on the More Targets button.

Mulberry Filter 9

10.) Under Apply, select All.

Mulberry Filter 10

12.) Under “Trigger when:” choose “Incoming Messages.”

Mulberry Filter 11

13.) Now name your trigger something like “Incoming Messages,” and click OK.

Mulberry Filter 12

14.) You are back in the Rules menu now. There is one other Trigger we need to create, so click on the Trigger button again.

Mulberry Filter 13

15.) Click on the More Targets button.

Mulberry Filter 14

16.) Under Apply, select All.

Mulberry Filter 15

17.) Under “Trigger when:” choose “Open Mailbox.”

Mulberry Filter 16

18.) Now name your Trigger something like “Open Mailbox,” and click OK.

Mulberry Filter 17

19.) You should be back in the Rules menu. Now go back into your Rule by double-clicking on, for example, JoshPictures.

Mulberry Filter 18

20.) Under “Triggered By:” check off all available options, including the Triggers you just created. Hit OK.

Mulberry Filter 19

21.) Hit OK. Then close the Rules window. Your rules should now be working, and if anything comes into any of your folders, it should be treated according to the rules you set up. If you want to run your Rules on your Inbox at any specific time, just go to the Mailbox menu and choose “Apply Rules” and choose “All.”

Courtesy of Harvard University: