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Mulberry Filters I

The new spam-tagging software that Carleton has tags suspicious messages by adding ***SPAM*** to the subject line. Because the filter will not always be correct, it is useful to be able to check through the tagged messages at your convenience instead of having it clutter your inbox. To take advantage of Carleton's new filtering software, you must set up a filter in your e-mail program that will place incoming messages with the ***SPAM*** identifier in a separate mailbox. Then you can go through them at your leisure.

To set up a filter in Mulberry, first create a new mailbox by clicking Mailbox -> Create... A dialog will appear where you will give the mailbox the name "Possible Spam". Click OK. Now we will make the rule that filters the tagged messages into the Possible Spam box. Go to Mailbox -> Rules... In the dialog with the Local tab selected, click on the Rule button to create a new rule. In the new dialog, enter a Name for the filter such as "spamfilter". Now we'll tell Mulberry what a tagged message looks like. Under Find Messages whose, click the pulldown menu From Address and choose Subject. In the text field to the right of the pulldown menu Contains, enter asterisk, asterisk, asterisk, S-P-A-M, asterisk, asterisk, asterisk. Next, we'll tell Mulberry what to do with the tagged messages. Under Actions, click the pulldown Set Flag and choose Move Message to. Click the down arrow to the right of the blank text field and select your Possible Spam mailbox. Click OK. In the Rules window, click Apply to filter all of the messages in your Inbox. Now you can close the Rules window. Your filter is done, and should filter all incoming tagged messages into the Possible Spam box.