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Setting Up a replacement Faculty Windows PC

To be finished soon.

PC Mind Meld – Transferring Data from an Old Computer to a Replacement

  1. Connect each end of a crossover cable (marked with a black spiral at either end of the cable) to the ethernet ports of the old and new computers.
  2. On the old computer, create a folder in the root directory of the C drive.
  3. Right click on the folder and go to Sharing (or Sharing and Security if available).
  4. Click on the Network Setup Wizard. Click Next, Next, Next, Next.
  5. Now you can view the workgroup name. We advise leaving the name as it is on this one (remember this name – you’ll need to match it and the other computer’s workgroup name).
  6. Click Next, Next, select “Just finish the Wizard;…” and click Next again. Finally, click Finish.
  7. It will ask you to reboot the computer. Go ahead and do this.
  8. On the other (new) computer, right click on My Computer and go to Properties.
  9. Click on the Computer Name tab and click on the Change… button. At the bottom of the new window you can change the workgroup if it isn’t already the same as the old computer's. If you do change the workgroup, you will probably have to restart the machine.
  10. We are ready to open the old computer's shared folder from the new computer and copy items to their proper locations as you move folders into the shared folder on the old computer.
  11. To view the shared folder, open a new explorer window (double-click on My Computer) and click on My Network Places in the column on the left.
  12. Now click on View Workgroup Computers.
  13. Double-click on the computer in the window (which should be the old computer), and then open the shared folder.
  14. On the old computer, copy things (Ctrl-drag) or move things (just be sure to move them back afterwards) into the shared folder.
  15. Then move to the new computer and copy those things into the appropriate place. (Helpful hint: to refresh the contents of the shared folder on the new computer, press F5.)