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Mac OS 9 Imaging

  1. Start by inserting the Mac OS 9 imaging CD.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Hold down "c" to boot from CD.
  4. Open up the Boot CD.
  5. Open "MAC images on macimages.its".
  6. Username should be "macimages", password is "prplecow".
  7. Open "OS 9 Imaging" folder.
  8. Open "Disk Copy 6.5".
  9. Open up the "Images" folder in "OS 9 Imaging".
  10. Open up "OS 9.2.2" folder and drag the image file (use latest version) onto Disk Copy application.
  11. There should be a Macintosh HD file now on the computer.
  12. Drag the Macintosh HD file onto the ASR icon on the CD.
  13. Select "Erase Macintosh HD before restoring and click Restore.