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In the field

Working in the field

When working in the field, you are directly representing ITS. Any personal impressions that users make of you reflect directly on the department. Therefore, it is essential that you be particularly attentive to your actions and demeanor while assisting users.

  1. Sitting down at the computer

    • Different users will treat your presence differently. Some will remove themselves from the process, giving you access to the computer and immediately leaving or doing other work. Others may wish to show or describe the problem at length, or may want to watch over your shoulder or ask questions throughout the process. Be patient with all of them; respect that you are in their space, and should therefore obey their conventions about using the computer and/or the facilities.

    • If the user must log in, turn your head away while they type in their password. Even though you may not be actively trying to determine their password, making it obvious that you are respecting their privacy promotes trust between you and the user.