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DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). It's what allows our users' machines to obtain IP addresses so they can do fun little things like run PointCast and AOL IM... oh yeah, and it allows them to use Netscape and send email. All that fun internet stuff. No, really, it's important so that they get the right address and it makes Dave happy when we do it, so make sure you do.

As of this year, DHCP'ing is accomplished via the web. Here's how: (You must have special privs for this to work.)

  • Open up Netscape and go to the DHCP page.
  • Type in your netware name (leave off the dot initial part) and password
  • Fill in the forms as asked and submit
  • You're done!

Painless wasn't it? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to fill in every field (except comments, unless you so desire). If you put in gibberish, though, make sure you leave a comment to that effect.
  • If you are registering a machine (like CMC122 machines), make sure you indicate something unique about them -- like the fact that it is a PC or Mac, or that it is PC#2 or Mac#1 (just putting CMC122 as the machine name will not be very helpful...)