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HAT Scanner

HAT instructions from Sande: June 2, 2003

1. If all you want to do is allocate an asset to a particular user, in HAT you use the "Assign Asset" action, _not_ the "Edit this Asset " action.

The difference is that Assign validates the CustID and CustType, while Edit does not. If you don't find the CustID you need in HEAT, contact Austin. Please make sure you use the accepted format for non-people "customers": BLDGroom-##, where BLDG is one of the accepted BLDG codes in the HEAT Buildings table. And don't forget to re-assign the monitor too, and the equipment that you're picking up.

2. When the HAT Inventory scanner batch file (Inventor.bat) runs, it uses the input fields (CustID, CustType, CCID, etc.) from the last scan. When you take a system from stock and prepare it for a user, you don't want to reuse that information ("Not Deployed","_STOCK").

Therefore, to force the scanner to run "anew", first delete C:\ from the local hard drive before you run the Inventor.bat batch file. Please wait and run this batch file the last thing before you deliver the system, this scan will pick up any hardware and software changes you made (even printers), so the information in HEAT will be more correct when you need it. Don't forget though!