2011 Halloween Decorating Contest WINNERS

On Friday afternoon, Corey Pulju, Kerstin Cárdenas, and Julie Thornton inspected all sixteen entrants in the Halloween decorating contest.

 After accepting bribes, succumbing to threats, consuming horrible treats, and studying the decorations and costumes, the three judges selected two winners and one honorable mention:

WINNER: Residential Life - "Ye Olde Sever-Ance Bakery"

Halloween Decorating Contest Winners

WINNER: Economics Department - "The Dismal Science Department"

Halloween Decorating Contest Winners 

HONORABLE MENTION: 4th Leighton - "Finally a Rest Cemetery"

Halloween Decorating Contest Winners

On behalf of the Forum and SAC, I thank the judges for their time and energy and all of the entrants for working very hard on excellent decorations. (Thanks, too, to Poisonous Paula Lackie for the photographs.)

Most of the offices will keep their decorations up through the day, so go and see any you missed on Friday:

  • Dean of the College (East Laird - 1st Floor )
  • External Relations (4th Leighton)
  • Sociology & Anthropology (Leighton Hall 230)
  • Business Office (1st Leighton)
  • Residential Life (Severance Hall 17)
  • Info Desk (Sayles-Hill entryway)
  • President's Office (Laird 100)
  • Economics (Willis 305)
  • Admissions (Johnson 202)
  • ACT Center (Sayles-Hill 153)
  • Bookstore (throughout)
  • Gould Library (entryway/lobby)
  • Student Activities (main area)
  • Rec Center (main entrance and front lobby)
  • Henrickson House
  • Human Resources (Strong House)

2011 Halloween Contest Decorating Contest Winners

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Halloween Decorating Contest Winners
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Halloween Decorating Contest Winners
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2011 Halloween Contest Decorating Contest Winners
2011 Halloween Contest Decorating Contest Winners


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