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Staff at Carleton (SAC) Minutes

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Sayles-Hill Lounge
10-11 a.m.

Present: Mary Amy, Tammy Anderson, Vicki Burgess (secretary), Jennifer Cox-Johnson (co-chair), Robbie Groth, Krista Herbstrith, Martha Jirovec, Christine Krejci, Becky Krogh, Tami Little, Linda Luedke, Linda Mueller, Lois Perkins, Noel Ponder (co-chair), Andrea Zunkel

The meeting was called to order by Co-chair Noel Ponder.

HR Office:

  • Noel Ponder introduced the new director of HR, Kerstin C├írdenas. Ms. C├írdenas formerly worked at a St. Paul non-profit agency. Her title was VP, and she was the head HR officer and also worked in other areas. She stated that she has had a lot of experience as an agent of change--working through or initiating change.
  • Noel and Jennifer met with Kerstin October 3. Kerstin stated she is looking forward to building a relationship with SAC. SAC and HR are working on similar issues and she hopes to meet on a regular (monthly) basis with SAC co-chairs. Please bring SAC-related HR issues to SAC and the co-chairs will bring them to Kerstin at their scheduled meeting.
  • HR has an open door policy. Please stop by with questions or issues. HR will be inviting departments to meet with them starting in November.
  • Staff will be receiving two benefits packets this year:
  1. Supplementary life and long-term disability. Good time to review benefits. Deadline to return is beginning of November.
  2. Health Insurance. Offering same three plans, but with minor changes. There will be increased cost. Staff members are encouraged to review all plans before choosing, even if you believe you want the same plan. Tools will be available on the HR website to help choose the best plan for you. HR staff is available to help individuals. Please contact HR if you need more information.

The November 15th News and Views (12-1 pm, SH 252): will focus on HR topics. Prior to this meeting please forward to SAC chairs Jennifer Cox Johnson and Noel Ponder any topics you would like HR to address on November 15. It's a good chance to get your questions aired and answered.

Administrative Rep to SAC (Fred Rogers):

SAC Website Changes (Linda Luedke, Tammy Anderson):

  • Hope to make the website cleaner and more inviting.
  • Calendar was added that links to the events calendar.
  • Currently adding photos from recent events. Please send photos you would like to Linda or Tammy.
  • Many of the pages are printable PDF files.
  • Sits on the Carleton Staff home page which includes link to Forum also.
  • Please forward suggestions about the website, including useful links to be added, to Linda or Tammy.
  • The Expert Access list should be reviewed. Is there still a need for this? Would HR be interested in maintaining this type of list?
Approval of Minutes:

A motion was made (Linda Mueller) and seconded (Lois Perkins) to approve the June 5, 2007 minutes. Motion was passed.

Updates from SAC College Committee Reps:

College Council: (Robbie Groth):

  • Has met twice.
  • Recent topics have been CSA organization, the dining contract, new Arts Center, and new residence hall.
  • Agenda is open if we have any items we would like to bring to the College Council.
Robbie is a member of International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). There is an open house in Brooklyn Center with an excellent agenda and speakers on the evening of November 15. She is asking for people interested in carpooling to this event to please contact her. Pertinent links:

National HQ:
Minnesota division:
South Suburban IAAP chapter: link is on the SAC website under Training -- off campus.

College Budget Committee: (Lois Perkins):

  • Has met once. Lois is only new member on committee.
  • Budget cycles do not correspond with the academic year. Currently working on budget for 2008-09, but it will not go to Trustees until summer 2008.
  • Projection and actual numbers are confidential.

College Benefits Committee (Becky Krogh):

  • Recently worked on benefit packet for fall. Will meet again in two weeks.
  • Working on health insurance scenarios on website to assist with decision making.

College Committee on the All-Staff Retreat (Linda Luedke):

  • Date is Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Great Hall.
  • The speaker will participate in both breakouts, enabling all interested staff to attend.
  • Robbie Groth will handle RSVPs.

SAC requests a letter from the president endorsing all-staff attendance at this event. May have to go through HR. Jennifer will contact Kerstin.

Updates from SAC Committees:

Website Development: send updates to Linda Luedke or Tammy Anderson

Staff Development (Christine Krejci):

  • Jennifer and Noel met with the Forum leadership. They are interested in many of the same ideas as SAC. Will work on combining presentations.
    1. Fall: Ombudsperson
    2. Winter: Wellness Center
    3. Spring: Career Center Director
        • Took on ownership of the News & Views lunches, and finding volunteers to host each month.

        Special Projects (Linda Luedke):

        • Looking at opportunities for volunteerism.
        • Need to discuss hosting a lunch fundraiser for some organization.

        Benefits and Salary Committee (Linda Mueller):

        • Has not met.
        • Still looking for people interested in serving.
        • Starting on a list of priorities to present to SAC. Would like input from other members on priorities and help in determining which priorities to work on.
        • Wants to reorganize salary grid, too much overlap in salary between grades. This has been on hold until new HR director was in place.

        Old Business

        • Tami Little has been appointed to the 2nd at-large position on the SAC 07-08 executive committee Gloria Heinz is the new alt in SH/Shop.
        • Gloria Heinz is the new alt in SH/Shop.

        A concern was raised that automatic payroll deductions for United Way donations did not end when pledge was fulfilled. The United Way office should have copy of the original pledge on file. Staff members are encouraged to contact the United Way if they did not keep a copy to discuss with payroll.

        Next meeting
        Wednesday, November 14, 2007, 10-11am, Sayles-Hill Lounge

        Next News and Views
        Thursday, November 15, noon-1 p.m., SH-252 (byo lunch and come hear HR staff respond to your questions)

        Respectfully submitted,
        Vicki Burgess