Related Party Disclosure

Preliminary Notes

  1. Before completing the Disclosure Form, please read the Related Party Disclosure Statement (Conflict of Interest Policy) (link opens in new window).
  2. In order to be more comprehensive, this statement of disclosure also requires you to provide information with respect to certain parties that are related to you. These persons are termed “affiliated persons” and include the following:
    • your spouse, domestic partner, child, mother, father, brother or sister;
    • any corporation or organization (tax exempt or taxable) of which you are a board member, an officer, a partner, participate in management or are employed by, or are, directly or indirectly, a debt holder or the beneficial owner of any class of equity securities; and 
    • any trust or other estate in which you have a substantial beneficial interest or for which you serve as a trustee or in a similar capacity.

Disclosure Form