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About Viz

In March 2009, Carleton College received a three-year grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for a new initiative called Visualizing the Liberal Arts (Viz). The Viz initiative enabled Carleton to be a leader in developing innovative ways to address the challenges that faculty, staff, and students across the curriculum encounter as they work to create, interpret, and employ visual images, media, and models. This website shares the work of the initiative.

The Viz grant funded three major areas of activity: an ambitious exhibits program, a staff development program, and a faculty development program. To foster and support visual collaborations and experiments in all three areas, Viz sponsored workshops for faculty and staff that explored visual approaches to teaching and learning; grants for faculty and staff that supported course and assignment development; lectures, performances, and exhibitions for all members of the community to expand and share our visual knowledge; and the creation of a digital archive of Teaching Resources.  The initiative culminated in a national conference, Visual Learning: Transforming the Liberal Arts, that brought together over 150 faculty and staff from 42 institutions for hands-on workshops, presentations, exhibitions, performances, and conversations. The results of the grant were summarized in a Final Report offering reflections on grant activities, lessons learned, and recommendations for the future.

The Viz initiative forged interdisciplinary collaborations across diverse departments and staff divisions, involved students as collaborative partners, and developed a culture of visual experimentation and knowledge.

On campus and interested in staying in tune with conversations, announcements, etc. about visual culture at Carleton? Request to join the Visual Culture listserv: Email