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Exhibition Planning PhotoExhibitions, featuring real objects and tangible artifacts, and organized around research questions, are powerful formats for creating and sharing knowledge.  The Viz initiative sought to foster museum literacy and curatorial skills among faculty and students through large and small exhibitions, special assignments, and workshops.  The Perlman Teaching Museum, Gould Library, and Weitz Center for Creativity White Spaces offer settings for animated dialogue and intellectual exchange around the meanings embedded in objects. 

Planning Guide

The Exhibition Process
An informal guide to preparing exhibitions at Carleton.

Exhibitions Archive 2009-2012

Gould Library
Through formal exhibitions, the display of artworks and objects, and activities that engage the Carleton community, the Library Art and Exhibitions Program fosters aesthetic appreciation, intellectual curiosity, and interdisciplinary connections.

Perlman Teaching Museum
Perlman Teaching Museum presents lively exhibitions organized around ideas connecting the liberal arts.  Art and artifacts materialize scholarly questions, aesthetic investigations, and cultivate visual literacy.  Exhibitions draw from regional, national and international resources, in addition to college collections.

Weitz Center for Creativity
The White Spaces at the Weitz Center for Creativity are places to create, critically analyze, and share creative works.

Curating the Curriculum Workshop

Curating the Curriculum Workshop: with Laurel Bradley, Director and Curator of the Perlman Teaching Museum.