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Viz, in collaboration with various programs and departments on campus, sponsored lectures and distinguished visitors on a wide range of visual topics.

Distinguished Visitors

Keynote Speaker at the Visual Learning Conference: Scott McCloud
Scott McCloud, comics artist and interpreter
28 September, 2012

A Walking Guide to Virtual Shakespeare

Katherine Rowe, Chair and Professor of English, Bryn Mawr College
3 April, 2012

Artistic Practices @ Work: Collaboration in Research, Teaching and Performance
Liz Lerman, choreographer, performer, writer, and educator
12 May, 2011

Visualization: Science to Art
Rachel Brady, Research Scientist, Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
21 May, 2010

LTC Lunch: From A to Viz: Three Years of Visual Learning at Carleton
Baird Jarman, Associate Professor of Art History; Christine Lac, Senior Lecturer in French; Chris Polt, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classical Languages
November 1, 2012

Photographing the Social Body
Allison Moore, Assistant Professor of Art History, University of South Florida
30 March, 2012

Seeing Mathematics
Frank Farris, Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor of Mathematics
9 November, 2011

Carleton Data Visualization Challenge
Doug Foxgrover, Communication and Training Coordinator and Aaron Swoboda, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Economics
7 October, 2011

Mother Chiefs and Husband Researcher: Gender, Power, and Masquerade in Nigeria
Thabiti Willis, Assistant Professor of History
10 May, 2011

Photography on the Edge
Sebastian Meyer '02
5 May, 2011

Contours of Culture: The Physical and Religious Poetics of Classical Indian Dance
Ragamala Dance Company
27 April, 2011

The Mathematician's Canvas
Jack Goldfeather, William H. Laird Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and the Liberal Arts, Carleton College
21 April, 2011

Gynecology for Men and Other Health Care Performances
Terri Kapsalis, artist, critic, and scholar
19 April, 2011

Rose Ensemble Lecture
The Rose Ensemble
14 April, 2011

Métis/sage: Visually Translating the Métis Experience in Canada
David Garneau, artist and Associate Professor of Art and Criticism, University of Regina
12 April, 2011

Teaching the Museum: Exploring New Learning Spaces at Carleton
Laurel Bradley, Director and Curator of the Perlman Teaching Museum, Mary Savina, Charles Denison Professor of Geology, and Steven Richardson, Puzak Family Director of the Arts
22 February, 2011

Making Noh Masks
Bidou Yamaguchi, Noh mask maker
14 February, 2011

Actors, Artists, and Censors: Political Aspects of Kabuki Prints
Sarah Thompson, Assistant Curator, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
3 February, 2011

Moral Judgment and the Rhetoric of Character Identification: The Case of Legends of the Fall
Carl Plantinga, Professor of Film Studies, Calvin College
27 January, 2011

The Path of the Onnagata: From Male to Female
David Furumoto, an expert on traditional Japanese theater and other Asian theater forms at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
7 January, 2011

Overpaid, Oversexed & Over Here: An American Occupation of British Political Advertising?
Dan Stevens, Associate Professor of Politics, University of Essex
10 November, 2010

Great Museum Cafeterias of the World
Ben Katchor, cartoonist
7 October, 2010

Orange Couch Conversation with Anne Paas
Anne Paas, New York-based independent filmmaker
30 September, 2010

Bright Lights, Big City: Lighting and Technological Modernity in Ozu Yasujiro's Silent Film
Daisuke Miyao, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature, University of Oregon
15 April, 2010

"Booklyn on the Road:" An Artists' Book Trunk Show with Marshall Weber
Marshall Weber, Artists' Representative, Curator, and Director of Collection Development, Booklyn Artists' Alliance
22 February, 2010

Of Beauty and Relevance: The Place of Artists' Books in the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Ruth Rogers, Special Collections Librarian, Wellesley College
3 February, 2010

Rare Looks
Rare Looks talks bring together faculty and staff from different disciplines to interpret selected works for fresh audiences.

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