Roles and Responsibilities

Web Services

  • Oversees and supports the college Content Management System (CMS)
  • Develops and supports college-approved web applications
  • Consults on, develops, applies, and educates on college-wide standards for web communication. Includes content, design, branding, and marketing.
  • Ensures the CMS and web applications are usable, accessible, secure, and performant
  • Primary point of contact for faculty, staff, and students who need administrative web support
    • Develops and supports web sites and applications to support courses and research

College Communications

  • Develops, consults on, applies and educates on overall brand identity, design, style and communications standards for the college
  • Develops college marketing strategy, to include digital marketing, and advises and collaborates with Web Services in its implementation

Special Areas of Oversight: Disability Services, Human Resources, Risk Management, Copyright Committee, Registrar (FERPA)

  • These entities represent specific areas of concern that apply to Carleton’s entire web presence.
  • These entities will be consulted to ensure that they are aware of decisions that impact their area of concern.
  • Consulted, Informed, Accountable regarding their areas of concern

Deans & VPs

  • May choose to establish further standards for sites managed by their division. For example, DoC may require academic departments to create and maintain specific pages in their sites.
  • May appoint individuals as “Multi-site coordinators” who oversee and monitor the content of a set of sites to ensure consistency and divisional standards. (Example: Peggy Pfister for academic departments)

Unit (Division, Office, Department, Committee, Program)

  • Responsible for keeping their site(s) up-to-date
  • Site Owners
    • Who: Individuals with authority to make decisions about unit’s site(s). Often a director or chair.
    • Identify, supervise, and direct site primary maintainers and authors
    • Make decisions regarding unit site(s) content
    • Provide strategic direction for unit site(s)
    • Ensure that sufficient departmental resources are available for updates, additions, review
    • Primary Site Maintainers
    • Who: Individuals identified by site owners as the primary point of contact regarding a given site
    • Coordinates other site authors
    • Publicly listed as the individual to contact regarding the site
    • Request training and access for site authors
    • Person primarily responsible for the direct management of the site
    • Initial point of contact for WSG and other groups regarding the site
  • Site Authors
    • Learn and use the college CMS to create and update web content to a high quality standard
    • Keep up to date on essential web author best practices, including CMS training, writing for the web and web content accessibility.
    • Specific details of training process & requirements TBD