Going Mobile with Responsive Design

November 2, 2011
By Nathan Breitenbach-Dirks

Responsive Layouts (Transportation site)It’s no secret, the world is going mobile. And here at Web House, Carleton’s mobile website strategy has been a hot topic. While a standalone Carleton mobile site is in the plans, we’re already taking a big step toward mobile optimization with Responsive Design.

Responsive Design’s approach is simple: a site layout will change, or respond, to the user’s device, creating an optimized experience for smartphone, tablet, or desktop/laptop display. Responsive sites are inherently flexible, device agnostic, and as future-proof as a website could ever hope to be. No matter what new device or screen resolution floods the marketplace, responsive sites are ready.

Sounds pretty great, right? A single site that is optimized for any device. That’s what I call a win-win.

So where can you see Responsive Design in action?  Our newest Carleton sites are responsive and ready for your mobile browsing:  Weitz Center, Transportation, Perlman Teaching Museum, and Arts at Carleton. If you’re on a desktop, simply re-size the browser window (make it skinnier!) and watch the layout respond and change. Better yet, grab your smartphone or tablet and give them a whirl.

As we more forward at Carleton new themes and site redesigns will, at the very least, be responsive. The world is going mobile, and so are we.

NOTE: We're still working on creating a robust mobile testing environment, so if you visit one of these sites and notice some problems in how they display, please send us an email. Just tell us what site you were on, what type of phone you have, and a description of the problem. Please be aware that Responsive Design doesn’t tend to work on Blackberries or Windows phones that are over three or four years old.


  • April 17 2013 at 7:06 am
    Aruna Macharla

    It is always a good idea to optimize the site in a way 'single site - any device'. Quality web design practices along with great planning are required to make it happen. Thanks for the nice share.

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