Aug 9

Reason User Feedback Lunch (FULL)

Reason users, we need your feedback to improve the tool! Lunch provided, space limited. View the full event listing to sign up.

Thursday, August 9th, 2012
12:00 – 1:30 pm / Sayles-Hill 251

Update: Due to high interest, this event is now full!

If you were unable to register, we would still love to hear your suggestions about Reason. Please visit the Reason Suggestions Box to submit your feedback.

Reason users, we need your feedback to improve the tool and serve you better! Tell Web Services what you like (and don't) about using Reason, and cast your vote for the most important new features to add. What's great? What's not? What's missing? This is your chance to be heard and help influence future features of Reason.

If your office/department has multiple Reason users, please confer and choose one person to represent you.

Lunch provided. Signup required. Scroll down and sign up below to reserve your place.


Sponsored by Web Services. Contact: Jaye Lawrence, x4438