Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use images from other sites?

  • When you are browsing a site within Reason, you will see a list in the left-hand navigation labeled Borrow, with, among other items, Images listed underneath.
  • If you click on Images, you will see a list of images from several other campus sites. These images can be searched using the Filters form, or browsed page-by-page. When you see an image you want to use within your site, click on Borrow next to that image. the page will refresh, and that image will be moved to the top of the page, under the heading Selected.
  • If there is an item you no longer want to borrow, click Don't Borrow next to that image, and it will no longer be available within your site.
  • Note: because borrowed images belong to other sites, you won't be able to edit their captions.
  • Matt Ryan, 14 July 2004
  • Keywords: Images, Borrowing

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