Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put an image on a page?

The easiest way is as follows:

  1. Under Pages, find the page and click Edit.
  2. In the editing menu (the yellow box on the upper-left,) click Place images on this page.
  3. If your image has already been uploaded into your site's image library, click Select next to that image. If you have many images, you can search for the one you want using the Filters form.
  4. If you want to use an image that you have on your personal computer, click Add Image to upload the image and place it on the page. (instructions)
  5. If you want to use an image that is elsewhere on Carleton's site, see if it is available by clicking Borrow Image from another site. If it is there, click on Select next to the desired image, and then click on Back to Selecting Image to return to editing the page.
  6. Click on Finish in the yellow editing menu when you are done.
  7. If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Matt Ryan, 14 July 2004
  • Keywords: Image, Page, Associate

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