Frequently Asked Questions

When I delete a faculty/staff member, why don't they go away?

To understand why that is happening, it is useful to understand a bit more about how the faculty/staff page works:

  • The faculty/staff page compares the information in Reason with the directory, which contains its own list of who's in your office or department -- which, in turn, comes from Colleague (Carleton's HR, bookeeping, and registration system).
  • When someone is assigned to your office/department in Colleague, the faculty/staff page shows them regardless of whether that person is in Reason.
  • So, for someone who is not part of your office, their information needs to change in Colleague before they will be taken off your site. Contact Human Resources to fix the Colleague information.
  • Once Human Resources has made the change, you will be able to remove the person from your site. Usually it takes a couple of days before the changes flow into the directory.
If you have any more questions about your faculty/staff page, contact Web Communications.
  • Matt Ryan, 21 July 2004
  • Keywords: Faculty, Staff, Delete, Remove, Go Away, Why, Colleague, Directory, Listing

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