Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the photo for a faculty or staff member?

  1. In your site in Reason, go to Faculty/Staff under Add/Edit.
  2. Click on Edit next to the faculty/staff member's username.
  3. In the yellow edit menu, click on Choose Faculty/Staff Photo.
  4. You should now be on the page that lists out all of the photos that have been uploaded to your site. You will need to take one of the three following actions, depending on whether the image has been uploaded into reason yet:
    • If the image has already been uploaded into Reason, scroll down and click Select next to that photo. The image will be moved to the top of the page under the heading Selected.
    • If the person's photo appears on another site, click on Borrow Image From Another Site to browse available images. If you find the one you want, click Borrow next to it, and then click Back to selecting image.
    • If the image has not been uploaded into Reason, click on Add Image and follow these directions. When you finish adding the image, it will show up as the faculty/staff member's photo.
  5. Click Finish in the yellow editing menu. You're done!
  • Matt Ryan, 22 July 2004
  • Keywords: Faculty, Staff, Images, Photos, Portraits, Pictures, People, Headshots, listing, directory

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